So, wont go into details but the Clio rebuild ground to a halt as the guy went awol. Eventually I got the car back and its now in progress elsewhere.

This ment the Peugeot was pressed into service on a more permanent basis and will see out the season. Since the last update the car has not missed a beat and been a class winner at Silverstone and Cadwell. It has had a few improvements and changes. Mostly reliability with a lot of cooling holes added to the front, an oil cooler. Hopefully will be back in the Clio for 2015



Snetterton 2014

Posted: 17/07/2014 in Racing

After a fun and busy test day, race morning arrived along with my man mountain arrives (Oli/Cub), who then eats my bacon rolls, but I was glad of the support.

Off to scrutineering, and guess what. PASS! So more tea and bacon, some pikey #4 made out of electrical tape, and we are ready to rock and roll.

passed  pikey numb4

22nd on the grid,5 sec off the Clios pace, but still having fun.


Race 1

In the thick end of things, which is interesting to say the least, made a fairly good start, made up a few places by elbowing my way through, then started to have a good exchange of places with Kevin in the MX5, just looks funny with no roof, and just seeing a head bobbing along next to you.

Then on lap 4 going into the hairpin with Kevin on the outside, I go hard on the brakes car starts to slow, then, BANG, pedal hits the floor and off onto the grass heading for the trees, handbrake and 3 spins later, I park under a tree well out of the way and have a little look, dripping brake fluid, damm.

Drive back to pits using handbrake, and get it jacked up.

more repairs

Brake pipe had rubbed on the driveshaft as it had come out of the clip (I missed that one). Oli helped me remove pipe, then we search for help.

Dingers boy’s Phil and James came to the rescue, and remade the end of the pipe.

After a little swearing, said pipe was reinstalled, and bled through, top up with oil and ready to go again.

Race 2

Starting from the back is always fun (so they say), lights out and away we go, the little 106 fits into really tiny gaps, so some good progress was made, gained about six places on the 1st lap, then a three way battle started between Neale Hurren (mr2), Tony Collier (Toyota Celica) and myself, Neale seemed to spend more time off track than on, but kept it going, Tony C did a move Plato would be proud of around turn 1 (don’t know what they are all called), all I remember, was seeing him in the mirrors then he disappeared from view as I turned in, now I was on the apex and Tony C was inside me lol, I saw his roof as he 2 wheeled his way pass, this pushed him wide though and I got him back at the hairpin.

That was basically it, apart from watching out for the faster cars coming through to laps us, and a little nipping and tucking, we finished all fair and square.

I got 1st in class and fastest lap in class 1:35.4, so knocked a second off quali time, so pleased with that.

I would like to thank Mr Ian Collins for his generous loan of the car, at least I got to race rather than sit it out, and had great fun doing it.

Oli for his help and support.
Paul and James for doing the brake pipe.
Alec (Prize Motorsport) for putting up with me borrowing things all day.

And Track Attack for another great meeting.

Next Silverstone.

Watch this space





Stop Gap?

Posted: 17/07/2014 in Testing/Trackdays

After finding out that the Clio wasnt going to be ready late on Wednesday, it left things in a bit of a mess.

Too late to get money back or sell the test day I had booked on the Friday, and too late to get entry fee back, these two amount to quite a bit of money, which I couldn’t afford to throw away.

As said before, thanks for all the offers of help, cars etc, but a quick phone call to Ian Collins, and a deal was done on his 106 Stock Hatch Racer.

So after work thursday, I bomb over to Worcester and I meet the trusty dusty steed. After a little pushing and shoving of cars, out she comes, a quick battery change, and she fires, and then another search for wheels and tyres, job done.

Thanks Ian

I’m now fighting sleep on the way back along M42/M40, and thinking, maybe go to Snett early in the morning. Anyway, once home and showered, I feel half alive again, so say to the besdmonsta, come on, we’re off, so at 22.22 we set sail for Snett (fool).

Windows open and lots of loud music just about get’s me there at 01.30!! I’d been up since 03.30, don’t remember the last bit of the journey, but got there.

With testing starting pm, I thought I’d give the car the once over, only little things like loose seat,oil, securing fire ex cables etc etc

So we start with this……

as arrived

and a lot of this…..



And it’s nearly ready.

13.20 and its test time, so off I trundle down to noise check, 86db, so that’s a pass then.

Out on track the 106 feels great (Ian said it would, but you never know with him), just getting the feel of it, RED FLAG!!
This a right arse, as there are only 2 sessions, so now we are down to 1.

As I pull up by the van, I smell brakes and the car judders to a halt! Now I’m no mechanic, but that’s not right, on quick inspection, offside brake is smoking and making horrible clicking noises, very very HOT.

After a wee and a cup of tea, I take the wheel off, piston seized on, lots of WD40 and help from Andy with pumping pedals and me with big pliers, we get it moving. Result .

Next session was faultless and fun, in fact it’s been a long time since I had so much fun, buzzy little engine, high temps and intermittent rev counter, 20 mins soon goes by.

Anyway, job done, learnt car and circuit (still don’t like Snett).

I thought I’d upset Ian, by washing the car and putting a big sticker I found in the van across the bonnet, (it worked lol). Ready for race day.

New babyBurp


Engine/Gearbox Update

Posted: 09/07/2014 in Workshop

The amount of work needed to get the car back running was so huge it was never going to be done for Donington. However I wasnt able to race due to a bad back, doctors orders. So after some fantastic help from fellow Clio owners, lots of offers of parts and help the engine and gearbox were built and back in. A strange misfire couldn’t be solved so it went off to the engine builder to get sorted, ran in and mapped.

The story goes from bad to worse, the oil light came on and a rattle was heard whilst on the dyno so the engine has issues.

I’m sick of it all atm. Been working my arse off 12-15 hrs+ a day the last month, plus running around with diffs, gearboxes and engines, then this happens.
You can’t imagine how much I’ve been looking forward to this weekend at Snetterton. 😦

Inspecting The Damage

Posted: 18/05/2014 in Workshop

So quickly took the engine and gearbox out today to make a list of damaged items. It was quite straight forward, the gearbox just fell out. It looks like a failure in the flywheel/clutch and that took a quick exit through the bell housing causing a massive amount of damage to everythng in its path taking parts of the engine block with it for good measure.

clutch and flywheel


engine removal failure


gearbox destroyed


So the list of damaged parts is huge:

Engine block, broken

Gearbox casing smashed and gears ruined

Very expensive quaife diff smashed

both driveshafts

starter motor

wiring loom cut/chewed

radiator and fan damaged

clutch and flywheel obviously

plus dozens of other little bits


This is gonna hurt the wallet


Castle Combe 2014

Posted: 07/05/2014 in Racing

Well, it was all going well until the 2nd lap of race 1 when the car suffered a catastrophic failure. Its a bit of a mess under the bonnet.




Rockingham 2014

Posted: 06/04/2014 in Racing

After the trials and tribulations of the winter, it was time to get the cobwebs off #4 and go for a blast.
A cheap test day came for offer on the Friday before race day, so off we went.

The car felt very strong through all the gears, so thanks to Dan at 519automotive for that, and the new roll centre correction kit felt good too, def turned in quicker.

But I think I disappointed James a little when I said I couldn’t really tell the difference with it on. Just remember I hadn’t driven the car since October!! So it was hard to tell straight away.

Only did a couple of sessions, just to get back into the swing of things, no point in wasting fuel and tyres by going round and round.

Race day.

We are a standalone series this year and a new name too. Tricolore Trohpy. Car flew through scrutineering, and for once, noise check was a breeze. I treated the car to a complete new Janspeed exhaust system over the winter and it seems to have done the trick.

We have a few more cars this year, and it’s made things interesting indeed, a couple of quick 205’s and a very quick Saxo!

Quali put me in 5th (must try harder), but I can live with that, as there is no point in binning it before a race, well that’s my excuse anyway.

I think Russ enjoyed me showing him around, and then pipping me at the post (Mr Sneaky ).

Race 1

We all seemed to get a good enough start, but it was quite obvious, well to me anyway, that one of the 205’s and the Saxo were going to shoot off, Russ gave hot pursuit and just tagged along for the ride.

I was having a tussle with one of the 205’s, when suddenly a cloud of oil/coolant mixture shot out everywhere, it’s hard to stop yourself from putting the wipers on, but I would’ve never been able to see out the screen.

This left me in 3rd place, and with Russ and the Saxo gone up the road and nobody behind, I literally cruised round in 5th gear just keeping one eye in the mirror, a safe 3rd is better than a non finish. I forgot to bring my camera so there’s no footage from race 1, I managed to borrow one for race 2.


Race 2

Again, we all got away to a good start, just bit of a bun fight into the first corner/hairpin, but no bumping or bashing and we all got through safely plus I managed to block out the remaining 205 on the exit, so just two ahead now.

At the end of lap 1, Russ got a little excited and out braked himself going into the hairpin, so the gift was taken (thanks).
I spent the next 10 minuites or so chasing the Saxo with no success, all this with Russ and the 205 snapping at my heels.

TricoloreRockinghamRace2  RockinghamRace2

I had to make a decision, keep chasing the Saxo and risk going wide or missing a braking point, if i did this, I would lose 2 places, or spend the last 3-4 laps defending, and secure 2nd place?

Elbows ot in race 2

I chose the latter, how wide can you make a Clio? very wide if you ask Russ. I could feel their pain by looking in the mirror, they were both bobbing about everywhere, but sticking to a crafty line and parking it on the apexes, I survived the day, and 2nd was mine. Great to be back out there again, and meet all the Track Attacker’s, who’s silly talk and banter I’ve missed.

Thanks as always to Mike and Nick who give up their spare time to help me out and eat my food .

Heres the race 2 video, it was all happening behind me so you will have to use some imagination.